More than a pretty picture

To put it simply, art and photo procurement is a complex process. It takes a keen eye, exceptional skill, and sleuthing abilities to rival even the most seasoned detective. At Symmetry, we save you the time-consuming headache of searching and securing rights for that perfect image.

We possess rich and extensive art and photo resources, including a network of thousands of illustrators and photo providers referenced
by style, expertise, budget, and grade level.  We work closely with
you to ensure that your project includes all the right images to make
an indelible impression and inspire learning.

Our comprehensive art and
photo services include:

  • Illustration procurement and direction

  • Photo research

  • Rights clearance for print and other media

  • On-site, high-quality illustration capabilities

  • Original photography assignment and direction

  • Kid art and photo prop creation

  • Customized database management services