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Great design is more than skin deep

Design should engage and fire on all cylinders. It should grab an audience and hold on to it as tightly as the words on the page. And believe it or not, it should make life easier without you even knowing it.

Speak to any of our award-winning designers and you can hear it—the creativity, enthusiasm, and drive for achievement. And this energy is echoed throughout the office.

From the initial concept to the final delivery, you’ll experience a smooth process overseen by creative professionals who eat, sleep, live, and breathe design every day.

Our Design experts provide
the following services:

  • Conceptualization and prototyping
    (covers, interiors, packaging,
    master graphics/color palette creation)

  • Development of program logos
    and brand identity

  • Focus test booklets

  • Design management

  • Design execution

  • Award-winning cover,
    interior, and packaging

Symmetry Design Services
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Grades K–5 Science Program 


To conceptualize and establish the design vision for an innovative, all new, K-5 science program, and execute design and image services for three grade levels of print and digital components to meet adoptions for two state versions, as well as the national version, simultaneously.

  • Researched existing products in competing and consumer markets.

  • Created mood boards to establish overall look and feel for key design elements.

  • Engaged in collaborative prototype process with editorial team to develop content and design in tandem.

  • Participated in focus testing and provided solutions to address feedback.

  • Developed design guidelines to ensure consistency of design vision throughout the entire series.

  • Created streamlined workflows to efficiently coordinate a diverse team of print and UI designers, art directors, and art buyers.

  • Conceptualized, created, and art directed engaging visuals including game boards and infographics.


Symmetry successfully delivered a comprehensive design vision for all grade levels of this K-5 science program, and executed full-service design and image requirements for three grades of print and digital components, including producing two state versions and the national version simultaneously, while meeting or exceeding all creative and product delivery goals.

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